Films 4 Tenby: Downton Abbey on 10th May

Thanks to everyone who completed feedback forms, the results are in! We will be back at the DeValence on 10th May, doors opening at 6:30pm with the film starting at 7pm. The winning film with the most votes was…Downton Abbey (2019, 122 mins, Cert PG). The TV series ran from 2010-2015 over six seasons and became a national treasure. The film picks up where the show left off in 1927 with the excitement of King George V and his retinue coming to visit the Abbey and a would-be-assassin waiting in the wings… Most of the cast return for this big-screen story except for Lily James, Ed Speelers and a brief cameo from Matthew Goode and new actors debuting include Imelda Staunton, Simon Jones, Geraldine James and Tuppence Middleton. Even if you’ve never seen the TV show, the film can be enjoyed as an excellent period piece. A sequel entitled A New Era has already been announced. We look forward to you joining us for an evening of stately entertainment! Admission is £5, £4 for Members

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